Monkey’s Uncle formed in August of 2001 after the members’ TV show, a sitcom set in a Milwaukee brewery, was cancelled because network executives thought Milwaukee was too boring for television. After licking each other’s wounds for three months, M.U. debuted its new incarnation: a pure games-based, short-form improvisational comedic ball of energy. Having performed at such great venues as Stella’s Coffeehouse, Bovine Metropolis, Jazz@Jack’s and Coco’s Mom’s basement, M.U. believes in one thing: really turning the car around if you kids don’t stop behaving like little savages.


The term “monkey’s uncle” came from the Darwin era when Darwin’s theories of evolution were met with scoffing and ridiculing sarcasm. “Man evolving from monkeys? Absurd!” the non-believers would decry. To wit, the depreciators would offer the ridiculing remark, “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” Of course, we all believe in Darwin’s theory that humans are related to apes and monkeys now, right? C’mon! Have you SEEN what’s coming out of Hollywood lately? Besides how else could we as a human race come up with the soul-bearing and meaning-ladened phrase, “Ooga-booga!”


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