A New Venue; A New Show

We have a new home! Thanks to the hard-working folks involved with the Wednesday Improv Night (WIN) program, The Wigs, Mile-Hi Larity and Monkey’s Uncle have struck a deal with Curious Theatre Group to do a few shows and see how it works out for all parties involved.

The Wigs are kicking it off on March 19 and, on March 26, several improvers from all groups will be joining together as Junk Drawer to get a feel for the new space. The day after April Fools’ –appropriately enough — will be the Monkeys’ debut show at Curious. Time and cost is the same. The show format may be a little altered, but none of the funny has been.

So join us April 2 for our premiere show at Curious. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased beforehand (until 5:00 PM the day of the show) at no additional charge at Eventsbot or you can buy tickets with your cash at the box office that evening. Please note that the box office is now cash only. Curious is located at 1080 Acoma St. See you there!




We are currently homeless — something we dropped a hint at our last show. In an occurrence akin to that of Game of Thrones, the Avenue has a new king from the ranks of the councilors. This cabal has deemed Wednesday improv night a necessity no longer without even an official decree from the town crier.

Fear not! Thanks to The Wigs, the entire Wednesday Improv Night showcase is making progress on a new home. Stay tuned. We will share more information as it becomes solidified.

New Website Address

This isn’t a funny post, but informational is just as fun! We’re moving our website and address because free. Our new site is being hosted by WordPress with a new address of monkeysunclecomedy.com. Kinda easier to remember because it has a .com and people seem to remember .com better because they are cattle. Except for you. You are a bright, insightful human being that should receive your country’s highest awards.

…and junk.