Conceived, on a night to which his parents commonly refer to as the “this will eventually lead to divorce” moment, Billy’s life began much like many people. Born from an embryo and destined to eventually die (like 98% of the population), Billy refers to the time in between life and death as the “this will eventually lead to divorce” moments. Some of these “moments” include his appearance as stand-in/extra in Talladega Nights, his first karate action photo at age 12, that one time upstairs at the pub, that other time downstairs at the pub and the other time outside the front door at the pub. Not only will Billy make you laugh, he will make you cry hard. It is believed that Billy invented text messaging. Al Gore’s internet has nothing on SMS. Let Billy whisper tweet nothings to your eyes at


In a desperate search to be with his own kind, Howard watches Cartoon Network constantly — wishing and hoping they will come out of their plastic, glowing prison to dance, frolic and drop anvils on his head. But, alas, all he can do is channel their energy and never truly be with them. In spite of this, Howard recently joined the United Vindication Syndicate to fight crime as… Distraction Man!® In his spare time, he dances naked in the living room to The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” pretending he’s “working as a waitress in a cocktail bar”.


Matt has been doing improvisational comedy as a condition of his parole and will probably stick with it even after his restitution. He is; however, the author of Chicken Soup for the Blind-Lesbian-Arthritic-Amnesiac-Children of Alcoholics Soul and enjoys the simple things in life… walks in the park… love songs… and Carmex — lots of Carmex. His influences include Mindy Cohn of “The Facts of Life,” the writings of Jean Teasdale, caffeine, 13 years of Catholic schooling, caffeine, rides that spin at amusement parks, the “Wonder Woman” TV show, caffeine, underwear ads and vacuum cleaners. Matt claims to have the special uncontrollable ability to make streetlights burn out simply by walking beneath them.


Matt2 moved to Denver five years ago as part of the Hyperactive Middle Child Exchange Program. He enjoys animation, loud button-down shirts, and watching the deleted scenes. When he is not sleeping, he is googling himself or searching for Byrne Dairy chocolate milk in Colorado. Otherwise, he is fending off groupies with his Polish charm. His inspiration comes from an Oscar Wilde quote, “Life is too important to be taken seriously. “Does he like where improv is taking him? To quote Rainman, “Definitely. Yeah.” By court order, Matt2 is not allowed frappocino before a show.


Shari comes to Monkey’s Uncle after trying her hand in lots of other artistic endeavors. You are right… she does look familiar! You may have seen or heard her before, but where? In some of the hottest shows, movies and bands, that’s where! She’s also been behind the scenes with some of the most famous celebs to grace E! or ET! What she’s most known for is that she’s got this “Shari’s Curse” thing hovering over her legacy. She and many scientists say that it’s just not true. You decide: 1982: Lends Richard Pryor a match. 1983: Shari is introduced to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS backstage at a Ronnie James Dio show. Shari encourages Gene and the band to “ditch the makeup”. 1986: Shari tells Shelley Long that she belongs in the movies and that TV is for chumps. 1996: Introduces Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown. 1997: Accidently leaves copy of “Dianetics” in Tom Cruise’s car. 1998: Tells Brian Austin Green that he has a “great voice for rapping”. 1999: During a night of binge drinking of Red Bull and colonics at a hot LA night club, tells Kevin Costner about her idea for a movie. “It’s like Mad Max but ENTIRELY on the ocean.” 2000: Plays “Truth or Dare” with Winona Ryder. Winona chooses “Dare”. 2001: On the red carpet at the VMA’s she tells Ashley Olson to “Lay off the fries for a bit,” while oinking. Joan Rivers splits in two (literally) from laughter. 2002: Gigli. 2003: Drives Halle Berry to audition for Catwoman, promising Ms. Berry some non-fat fro-yo if she goes through with it. 2004: Replaces Howard Dean’s decaf non-fat latte with a “Liquid Crack” 4-shot espresso. 2006: Buys Mel Gibson “one for the road.” 2007: Joins Monkey’s Uncle.


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